Spiritual Priming & Perspective Taking

Religion Cognition and Behavior Lab

University of Amsterdam

Unpublished Results















In a large-scale study at the University of Amsterdam we investigated the relation between spirituality and spatial perspective taking. Following the theoretical idea that spiritual feelings may make people more prone to identify with others and to transcend the self we hypothesized that spiritual priming would make people more prone to spontaneously take the perspective of another person. One group of participants first completed the spiritual transcendence scale followed by a classical spontaneous perspective taking task (experimental condition). Another group of participants completed the tasks in the reversed order (control condition). Spatial perspective taking was measured by using a variant of the task developed by Tversky & Hard (2009) and participant's responses were coded according to whether they took their own perspective (1PP) or the other's perspective (3PP). No effect of spiritual priming on spatial perspective taking was observed and spatial perspective taking was not related to individual differences in spiritual transcendence.


The data of this study are available upon request.